Saturday, June 23, 2007

more pics

more Pics

Like mother like daughter
Idk why i like this pic, but I do
we tryed to get brit to take pics!

Friday, June 22, 2007

goofin off

Well... Mom and I were bored and decided to dress up and take pics!!! (whats new) lol

Some ppl say my eyes look like cat eyes lol
Awww I love this pic
Yes I am obsessed with my eys~LOL
My mommys eyes
Can you say Front page of a magaizne?

Mom and I being serious
Mom did her hair in 3 mins

goofin off

Check out that tan line (lol)
aww so cute
Im sexy and i know it (not)
Work it for me baby

a bunch of pics

my beautifull face! brittany and I chillin (lol)
arn't we cool!
what a pretty pic
Wakey Wakey
Fast asleep!
Im getting beautified
I Love this pic I look kinds..emo

ha ha soo cute
Ha ha mom I told you i would get u back
rarr i scared you!
lol im so sexy

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

i miss u

Ha.Ha This is my best friend! She is an amazing person that is always there for me ! I miss her so much its crazy ! Hey girl Im counting down the days till you come back! i miss you lots!

I love this pic she is kinds grossed out by her food.. i think! lol

ha ha can you say.. black mail? lol its ok i no you juss woke up! LOL


Why is love is freaking hard? Why cant we just stop loving someone with the snap of our fingers? Goah being a teenager is soo hard I know that sounds dumb but sometimes i just wish that i was older so i could know that guys are stupied (lol) everyone tryes to tell me the person i am in love with is hurting me and keeps me shook up 24/7 but i guess i was soo blind i didnt see it! I think I have really made up my mind, yeah I know its going to be hard as heck but I think i can do it! I am going to move on with my life and if God wants me to date he will bring a good christan guy to me! Because I hounstly cant do this any longer! Wow its going to be hard to say NO when he wants to flirt with me but I think its the best thing to do! .............. its ok i can do it God is on my side! and i am a strong person!.. and if you know me then you know this is a HUGE dission for me to make ! but... wow Im gonna do it! other then that Im doing great Im counting down the days till katelynn comes home and I cant waite she is my best friend in the world! ya girl!

Monday, June 18, 2007

randome pics!

This is my best guy friend
I love him lots!

kayla is huh.. killin me? lol

this is cool its mom,brandy and my hand

aww my puppy

i'm playing airplane with devon!

This are a bunch of randome pic i have found!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Taking Applications

Now taking applications! LOL Well not really, but single and sexy you better watch out!!!!
Don't forget ME, I'm on the look out also.
If you would like to feel out a Application, you can contact me at, 918-555-5555. Come on, I wouldn't really give my # on here. But if you know me, feel free to call!


My Sexy Mama!!!

And here she is again!!!

Devon and Erica actually like each other right now.

I'll tell you one thing, Devon is the cutest little brother in the world!!!!!!!!!!!

So cute!!!!

Mom and I at a show in Branson!!

my birthday pics!

wow my sweet 16 was Great! I had the best time of my life..(not for real ) but almost i got drinsted in water and trash caned the very next day wow dont my friends love me!? no they really do! I love yall soo... much!there were alot of ppl there there was whitney and her lil friend,katelynn(home grl)micheal,josh, uhh... if i forgot you im sorry~ love yall