Saturday, May 5, 2007

New Family Pictures!

well.. This is my wonderful family we look soo cute! I love the boy's smile, it is soooooooooooooooooo cute/corney!(lol)!We thought we would never get the dang picture took, Lucky was a little cranky,not to bad!we had to bribe them with food. lol and well if you know my brothers you know it works!lol

Aww brotherly love
there soo cute ! look at
Devons mouth,
he's all "ohh yeah
I know im sexy"lol
and Luky,well
he's just Lucky!

I love this one! I thought we would never get it. both of the boys were cranky
and we told them to "play horsey" so well, they did ! Devon, that little fart I
thought he was gonna kill me!At first Devon was choking me to death (lol)
Then Lucky's shoe was digging into me,Then they wouldn't smile!(LOL)
But we finley got it. And its adorible!

Ohh My I love this picture also. lucky is claping his little hands and devon is doing he's "I know I'm sexy" face! Lol If your wondering why mom and I dont look thrilled well.. We had to hold our smiles for a while so she could get the boys to smile! but.. we still love it!
Well..... I will post more soon!

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