Saturday, July 7, 2007


We all Know that getting over someone you love is hard, And brings lots of tears, and nights with no sleep! And know matter how much you try to lie to yourself and say.."oh, Im over him and dont like him no more"really your torn up inside! You try to convence everone around you that your happy and you dont care what he does beacuse your "over him" I have tryed to get over this guy bye talking to other guys and for some reason its not working. Because I compare all the other guys to him , I know I shouldnt cuz there is know know one elce out there like him! And i know what has happend between me and ..... (i dont wanna mention his name) has changed me ALOT! And I honustly thought I was finally getting over him intell today I found some news out that REALLY hurt me and now I know I'm not over him cuz if I was I would be as hurt as I am by this ! And I dont know I guess I still have that "hope" he will come back to me! I know, I know I shouldnt cuz I would only be setting my self up for another heart breaking moment!And I also no that my heart will be broke many more times in the future! I just dont understand why its sooo hard for me to get over him! I keep saying that ohh well at least his happy but its easy to say it then belive it ! I dont know if he is happy or not (cuz we dont talk anymore) But I if he is I dont wanna belive it ! And I know thats horrible of me but I dont know why but I still care about him alot! it hurts everytime I see him! But I guess the main reason why I am writting this is too make myself feal better!!! well.... Theres the exiting news for this week!I will write more later!

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i_hate_feet said...

ok so whats goin on im confussed once again