Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I Had a great time with my family the other day, There were a few people of the family missing like my sister, my brother and my father. But it sure was fun. It was funny watching my mom set the camera timer and trying to run back in time for her to be able to be in the picture LOL My little Brother was so cute.. He would sit there and try his hardest to take good pictures lol but he was in a silly miid so he just laughed and smiled the whole time... LOL take a look!!
ok well i have uploaded more pictures  but this stupid computer wont show them so when i get home from school i will do it again LOL ... Thanks....
                                                                                                Samantha Smith

Sammie Rae!

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luckeelady said...

thanks for the Scentsy ROCKS! comment... it is great and I'm glad that you and your mom love it so much that she just had to start selling it :)