Monday, June 4, 2007

well.... Mom and I were bored on a Sat and so we took pics!

Awww.... Like Mother Like daughter! We look like we are really blood! wow I love it her like my own mother !
.... I love you soo much mom........!!!!!!!!

uh... Mom was trying to malest the tree ....
I think ! lol i love that pic of her

I love black and white pics!


i_hate_feet said...

SEXY ummm i miss that lol j/k but i do miss yall

i_hate_feet said...

dang gurl yall so sexy lol. i miss mom(ur mom but my mom too) i miss yall more then i miss my mom and dad. i love u gurl and im really bord lol for some reason and hyper and i dont fill good at all but i hope u get to feelin better baby ima go love u